Cultivating Change

We've come together to collaborate, cooperate and support each other in CoCreating a more beautiful world.

CoCreating Community plants seeds within the community and waters them to help them grow.

Cultivating Change

Thanks to like-hearted people in the Twin Cities area, we have focused on cultivating our small corner of the world into a peaceful and successful collaboration of creating and living in alignment with nature. Our efforts have taken root, inspiring and expanding into communities in northern Minnesota and western Wisconsin! 

We strive to empower ourselves and one another through reclaiming agency over our own lives, and the responsibilities that entails. We support peaceful, voluntary cooperation and freedom to innovate as we wish, without violating or causing harm to others. We believe honorable and moral behavior must be at the foundation of healthy change.

Our goal is to build a strong community on sound fundamental principles, all based on the inherent human rights of freedom and liberty, both personal and economic. 

Ongoing activities include topic-focused gatherings to achieve common goals, hands-on learning opportunities shared by those in our community, and collaborative projects for self-sufficiency and community-building.

Current Initiatives

  • Being Heard: Focused Listening Sessions to foster deeper understanding of, and connection to, members of our human family.
  • Regenerative Land Project – working with the New Earth Development to learn how best to develop our own .
  • Sacred Silence – Silence is commonly thought of as the absence of sound. Sacred Silence refers to the Force that is present when Beings connect with their Source. For those who struggle with reaching a state of stillness, BEing in Sacred Silence with others can facilitate, deepen, and enhance your ability to experience the Infinity of You.  Connect with us for more information.

Past Initiatives/Skill Sharing Events

  • The Confluence, a regional gathering in November 2023, focused on activating the powerful energy that is sparked when those in a like-hearted community commit to Turning the Tide Toward a More Beautiful Future
  • Freedom Cell Meetings
  • Alternative Economics
  • Geothermal Greenhouse Educational and Building Gathering
  • Become Your Own Physician
  • Gardening Series including:
    • Electroculture 
    • Container gardening
    • A field trip to Organic Compound in Faribault
    • Brix analysis and how it can help you reduce insect pests and improve the health of your plants
    • Foliar feeding with fermented plant juices
    • Backyard medicine hunt
    • Rain barrels and water storage
    • Making herbal tinctures and other remedies from plants that you can grow or forage
    • Permaculture and food forests
    • Canning 101: Tomatoes
    • Harvest potluck celebration
  • Preserving Your Rights When Interacting with the Police
  • Health and Wellness Fair
  • Turning Fear into Power: Self-Defense including Home Firearm Self-Defense, Women’s Self-Defense, How to Properly Fall
  • Healy Quantum Frequency Devices Skill Share
  • Supportive Gathering: Solutions to Navigate Today’s Challenges. 
  • Seed Swap
  • Lodestar Academy – alternative educational environment.
  • What Can a PMA Do for Me?
  • Frequency Healing Skill Share
  • Abundance in Life and Death
  • Permaculture Mound Building and Biodynamic Microbiome Remediation
  • Healing Trauma from the Matrix: Tools for Self-Care and Supporting Others

What Would the World be Like if People Were Encouraged, and Provided Space, to Share What Lights Them Up?

Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is more people who have come alive. Howard Thurman

That’s a  question the CoCreating Community founders pondered and when we had the opportunity to create such a space, we jumped at it. Although this center was available to us for a limited time, we witnessed the positive outcomes of a thriving hub of activity as community members stepped forward to share their passions and wisdom. It was an example of how a community can come alive when the opportunity is presented and acted upon. The video below shows many of the initiatives completed by the community.